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My tools...

So I can't remember my first camera - I just remember always having a camera. My great uncle Arthur had a video camera and I used it for Christmases and Weddings (along with 9 year old boy commentary!). I've had Casio compact cameras (one of which I still have) and then I used to play about with my Dad's Canon's - most recently his 1300D and then a beautiful bridge camera. When I decided to really invest some time and money into my passion for photography I thought about sticking with Canon. However having looked at the models and the weight my wallet and my back were telling me to look at other options. With an interest in both film and stills I wanted to make sure I wasn't limiting myself; not compromising on quality; and not going to have a hunched back from carrying 30kg of lenses around on my back! So I discovered the Panasonic Lumix GH5 and the majesty of a Micro Four Thirds system. The results are staggering and in a day and age where we look at most things on a small screen the limitations of the sensor size are not really a factor. Having been totally enveloped by Panasonic Lumix I've got a second camera (a G80) and now they have released news of a Full-Frame addition to the Lumix arsenal I will probably be investing in the S1R once it's released.

Having said all of that - whatever camera, system and lens a photographer uses - they're all just tools in the hands of artists. Artists who might know the intricacies of the science behind their tools - but artists nonetheless. Right place; right time; right tool; right artist. That's what will make a great photograph or film.

Plus the RayBan's are cool.

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