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I'm David. In a World where we are defined by what we do I could list five things that I 'am' but at the end of it, I'm just me. I'm passionate about creating things: whether that is on stage, on screen, behind a camera, with a microphone, at a computer, or with a pen. 

As far as photography goes: it's in my heritage. My great-grandfather was a man called Henri Menet and he lived in Reims and Paris in France. I met him a few times as a kid: Henri had a passion for science and mainly photography - in the early 20th Century he was building his own cameras and developing film in a dark room in his house. He also had a stereograph and made the glass plates where he captured 3D images...  my Gran still has the stereograph which is just magical. 

Let's be honest - there are hundreds of great photographers, film-makers and editors out there. There are cheaper ones; there are more expensive ones. Each photographer and editor will bring out different things in each subject and each photographer will pick a slightly different nano-second to press the shutter button. I'm great at directing, friendly and dedicated. I am an artist through and through and that comes through in all my work. I'm also very technical and practical. I guarantee that a shoot or an edit with me will be fun, relaxed and we will capture something brilliant.


We want to focus on the relaxation factor during our shoot. We can shoot outside near Barnes Bridge station (23 minutes from Waterloo) or at our home studio. Alternatively we have access to studio space in Hammersmith or can discuss other locations. If safety allows then we are happy to come to clients venues: The main thing is your comfort so we can get the best results.


Naana Agyei-Ampadu (Actor):

I had the pleasure of having my new headshots taken by David O’Mahony at Blue Pineapple Pictures. From start to finish the experience was exceptional, he had already reviewed my old headshots and researched what looks and positions worked for me, which made me feel instantly assured. Being a black actor, headshots can sometimes be a tricky process but David had already formulated the right camera settings, lighting and backdrops needed to perfectly capture my skin tone. The shoot was fun and informal with a major emphasis on my relaxation being necessary for great photos. I laughed and chatted for the hour and felt as though I had spent the afternoon with a friend rather than having a photo shoot and this really resonated in the end results which were beautifully naturalistic and really captured my essence. My agent was extremely pleased with the final images, they look and feel like me. The editing was not ‘unrealistic’ and ‘over touched up’ but subtle and natural. There was great communication pre and post shoot and a professional service was adhered to throughout. I would highly recommend them as photographers. 

Helen Clayton (Owner of Baa Baby):

Having recently completed some beautiful product photography for our business, I can wholeheartedly recommend David. The project was completed during lockdown so without any face to face contact and with considerable distance between us. At every stage David ensured that this wasn’t a barrier  and it actually turned out to be a really effective way of working. I was particularly impressed with his attention to detail, and the time spent planning and providing different options to ensure that the photography captured the ethos of the business. Photography is clearly his passion not just his profession, amazing service and most importantly results, thank you.

Carl Sanderson (Actor):

I cannot recommend David enough! I absolutely hate having my picture taken and he made it a pleasurable experience! I am so chuffed with the results too as the shots actually look like and capture my personality which is a very difficult thing to achieve. He really took his time and made me feel at ease which can only help in creating natural shots. A huge thank you xxxx

Lesley McNamara (Head of Wardrobe):

I'm not a performer so I don't naturally feel good about getting photos taken but David at Blue Pineapple Pictures is lovely and made the shoot feel so comfortable and relaxed that I forgot that's what we were doing!

My photos are great and I can't wait to use them!

My full recommendation! x

Marco Venturini (Dancer, Singer, Actor):

I had a fantastic experience with Blue Pineapple. David is a delightful person and has a clear understanding of who is standing in front of his camera, adapting very well to whatever they may need. He’s very comforting and humorous, which put me right at home. He was very enthusiastic about the shots which made me feel good about myself and directed me as well as listened to requests. He was extremely quick and meticulous in the editing process and the shots turned out wonderful.

I cannot recommend Blue Pineapple enough, whatever your photographic need may be!

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